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Pale Gaze

a Naruto/Hinata fan community

naruto/hinata fans
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Naruto+Hinata is LOVE

Naruto x Hinata is Love

"Pale Gaze" is a community dedicated to Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Hinata from Kishimoto Masashi's anime/manga Naruto. The community was created by and is moderated by truebluespark. We welcome fan works, discussion, links, and anything NaruHina you can think of!


Here're the rules I want you to follow around here; it's all basically common sense. Note that I reserve the right to change these in any way whenever I feel like it.
  1. This community's about Naruto and Hinata. So, well, it'd be nice if posts related to them in some way. I won't get picky if conversations drift, of course.

  2. No bashing of other couples. I'm serious on this one. We're not going to be anti-yaoi or -yuri or -het or -anything. I don't want to see bashing of characters, either. On the same general track, fan works you post here can have any other couples you like, as long as it's mainly NaruHina.

  3. Respect your fellow fans. We're all here for the same reason, after all. Disagreements are fine until they turn into arguments. I will come down hard on any flaming I see, so don't do it.

  4. Put your fan works (art, fiction, etc) behind LJ-cuts. If you don't know how to LJ-cut, there's a how-to guide in the LiveJournal FAQ. We don't want to maim anyone's friends lists.

  5. Any and all ratings are acceptable, but LJ-cut anything above PG-13. (Of course, you should be cutting the fan works anyway...)

  6. Have fun! Like I said, this is all stuff that you probably already know. Shouldn't be too hard to follow.

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...and hopefully more to come...