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looking for a fic


I am looking for a Naru/Hina fic (of course!) and it's been a while since I've read it.

Summary: Shortly after getting kicked out of the orphanage, Naruto somehow gets into contact with the Kyuubi. After releasing a bunch of seals, Kyuubi decides to grant Naruto strength and a few other perks; however, Naruto finds one more seal while the kyuubi is pushing chakra into his system. So because of that, instead of getting a gradual increase of strength it becomes almost impossible to control. Naruto is instructed by the Kyuubi to call it a blood line that awakened incorrectly. Anyway, eventually he gets trained by Kakashi and Gai to help control his strength while living in a bunker, and when he goes to take his exam he fails even though he can create kage bunshin. So because of that, he learns all elemental bunshin because of it, while Kakashi tries to make him his apprentice.

The council denies this request, and eventually Anko is made his sensei, and he ends up getting the great tigers out of the forest. His 'bunker' now kind of a compound becomes known as the great tiger forest (or something).

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I could have sworn I had it on my favorites, but I can't find it.

thank you!
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