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Specific NaruHina Fic Search | General NaruHina Recs

Hopefully this is okay. If not, I'll totes delete this. 

Anyway, I remember reading a fic once where Hinata was doing some kind of training exercise... and Naruto compared it to dancing or something. In one particular scene I think they were around a lake, and it was night, and Naruto was transfixed by the sight of her training. 

It's been ages since I read the fic, so that's the only thing I remember about it. 

And could you guys recommend me some excellent NaruHina fics? Well-written, in-character, and preferably long (5k at the very least). After reading "Team 8" by S'trarkan, I've become very much interested in the pairing again. 

Thanks in advance!
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